Experienced Financial Guidance & Advice

Our goal is to harmonize the elements of your financial life and navigate your road to your personal goals.

Frank Collins and Geoff Finch

Our Promise:

At Harmony Road, we recognize our clients lead crowded lives that demand their attention.  Often, clients have made financial decisions, but need additional coordination, vigilance, and definition. As Fiduciaries, we make it our mission to know you, your family, your needs, your goals, and your resources so that recommendations we make spring from this deep understanding. We are completely independent and are compensated with either a fee charged on assets under management or at a set rate for pure planning services.

We are happy to work alongside your existing trusted advisors such as your CPA, attorney or insurance agent, and act as your catalyst in pursuit of implementing solutions. If additional expertise or resources are required, we will provide you with vetted professionals that we believe will best fit with you and your unique circumstances. This gives us the opportunity to coordinate and harvest resources from these trusted professionals to complete the foundation for your financial plan.

Combining decades of financial planning experience and private business leadership to put you on the road to financial harmony.